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Nissan Car Lease

At Rodo, you'll find all the latest Nissan models at the best prices from authorized dealerships from across the United States. Leasing or Financing a new Nissan couldn't be easier. With Rodo you get the actual monthly cost with additional options to trade-in, trade-up, get cash, exit your lease early or negotiate with your local dealer for a better deal.

A range of Nissan specific questions are answered below. If you have questions needing to be answered, you can use the chat feature on the Rodo app or website to contact our team.


What Maintenance is Required on Nissan Leases?

New leases come with a Nissan manufacturer warranty which covers the car for the first three years. The details do differ by dealership but in general, you can expect anything covered by the warranty to be covered by the dealer for the term of the lease. On finance, Nissan cars will usually be covered by the same mechanical protection as a leased one does. What’s not covered is accidental damage or any repairs required that’s deemed to be caused by vehicle neglect.

Regular maintenance will be required, such as oil checks, replacing the brake pads, changing the engine air filter, replacement wipers, etc.

All lease deals stipulate in the agreement the details about charges for additional fees at the end of the term for anything considered excessive wear and tear. Excessive is anything that’s considered more than would be expected. A scratch, a dent, or a tear in the upholstery, etc. is not something a dealer would typically expect to budget for in the lease deals they offer. Instead, at the close of the lease, the vehicle is inspected and anything out of the ordinary can be billable.

When discussing your finance options, if you intend to take out a Nissan lease, speak to the dealer about the Nissan specific wear and tear covered by the lease. What you save on monthly payments, could be billable at the close of the agreement.

What are the Excess Mileage Charges on Nissan Lease Deals?

Excess mileage fees are generally part of a lease deal and can add extra to your final bill. Dealerships can charge up to 35 cents per mile that are over the agreed mileage allowance at the end of the lease term. Most tend to be 15 cents to 20 cents on the mile on Nissan cars. The higher charge is on premium models such as the Nissan Rogue Sport SV with an MSRP of $23,240 and the Nissan Altima 2.5 SR which as MSRP of $25,700.

On a standard lease running three years with a 15,000-mile allowance, an extra 2,000 miles at the end of the lease could add an extra $400 in excess mileage fees. Although it may feel like these are penalties, they are not designed for that purpose. The extra costs for excess mileage are because the more miles a car has done, the less its value becomes.

Nissan dealers base the total cost of a lease on the assumed resale value of a two to three-year-old model, such as a Nissan Sentra S, Nissan Sentra SV, Nissan Sentra SR with the agreed mileage they’ve leased the car on, such as a 12,000 mile per year allowance. When the car is returned, it won’t be re-leased but instead, serviced, repairs done, and then resold. Once your mileage is over, it is chargeable and cannot be negotiated down.

If you want a new Nissan for the lowest possible monthly payments, what you can do is negotiate with a Nissan dealer to pre-buy extra miles. This approach lets the dealership adjust their calculations, spreading the cost over the lease term. If you do go over on mileage though, dealers do not charge the fee if you buy the vehicle. If you need a new car or compact van, Nissan lease deals may be ideal as a low deposit method to buy a new car with the option to buy before the lease expires.

Should I Lease or Buy a New Nissan?

With a Nissan lease, the vehicles are new and what’s covered by the lease agreement is usually the same as what would be covered by the manufacturer warranty. A lease is similar to long-term hire. In terms of Nissan financing, there are two choices. Buying has a higher monthly cost with the advantage of eventually owning the vehicle outright.

The lower-cost monthly payment on Nissan finance option is to lease the vehicle. The disadvantage being the car will always be on loan. The upside of the lease option is the Nissan dealer can upgrade you to a newer Nissan model at the end of the three-year term.

Other than the List Price, What Other Charges are there?

The list price of the Nissan model shown may differ by dealership. This is because there are unknown factors to a car sale such as the auto-specific credit report of the finance applicant, historical driving records, age, the size of the down payment or whether or not you have another vehicle to trade in to lower the overall cost of a new vehicle.

Additionally, sales tax rates depend on where you reside, as will the price for registration title fees and license plates, and the document fees vary by Nissan dealership too. It’s for this reason it helps to shop around, discuss Nissan finance options with various dealerships so you can find a good deal, whether that’s from a dealer near you, or a busier State dealership that can ship a new Nissan to you at a reasonable cost.

Do Nissan Cars Hold Their Value?

If you plan to buy a new Nissan, it's best to research information on models that are a few years old to get an indication of the residual value. As an example, you can find information on the Honda Rogue showing the residual value is 53%. A Nissan dealership would use that information to factor in the depreciation cost of the Nissan so they could include these costs in the lease deals offered.