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Mercedes Car Lease

Mercedes Benz is considered one of the most luxurious cars you can drive with its engineering excellence, stylish bodywork, and latest technology. More than torque and horsepower, Mercedes delivers the ultimate driving experience focusing on comfort travel, performance handling, and superior reliability.

Browse all the newest Mercedes models on Rodo, get your actual monthly cost, find the best deal and get your car delivered right to your door. Save even more with our trade-in, trade-up, get cash or exit your lease early options. Browse the latest models and find the best deals with Rodo.

Some common questions are answered below. If you need additional support please use the chat feature to have our Rodo support team answer any question.


What Does 4MATIC Mean?

Mercedes Benz uses 4MATIC as the marketing name for the All-Wheel Drive (AWD) cars. Nearly the entire lineup of Mercedes Benz vehicles, including SUVs, Coupes, and Sedans have 4MATIC options. The only difference is, if you choose a model that isn't a 4MATIC, you're buying a Front Wheel Drive.

FWD vehicles are ideal for city driving where you only really need power going to the front two axles. For light off-road driving, or on rough terrain or in areas where there's frequent snow and heavy rain where you need increased traction, that's where the Mercedes 4MATIC do best. Among the most popular all wheel drive models are the Mercedes GLA 250 4MATIC, Mercedes CLA 250 4MATIC, Mercedes GLB 250 4MATIC, Mercedes GLC 300 4MATIC, Mercedes C 300 4MATIC vehicles.

What is the Mercedes-AMG?

AMG is a division of Mercedes-Benz that produce higher performance vehicles with more powerful engines and aerodynamic bodies. The latest performance model is the Mercedes A MG A 35 and the Mercedes CLA AMG 35.

Do Mercedes Benz Vehicles Hold their Value?

With regular maintenance, most will hold their value well. As an example, the depreciation value on the 2017 Mercedes GLC 300 was 50%, whereas the same year's car in the Mercedes CLS depreciated at 40%. All models can hold their value by keeping the car well-maintained.

What is the Lowest Down Payment Available?

The down payment on a new Mercedes Benz car varies by the dealer and how you're financing it. The lowest down payment is often on Mercedes Benz Lease deals, however, dealerships also can also accept your old vehicle for trade-in value, which can help to lower the cost further.

How Can I Get the Best Price if There is Only One Local Mercedes Dealer Near Me?

Understandably, in small towns, there may only be one dealer per brand. With Rodo, you can open up discussions with other dealers near you as well as those in your home town. Most dealers ship to different states for a destination fee/shipping charge. You can chat with various Mercedes dealerships using the Rodo app, find out the shipping costs, any applicable rebates you could be entitled to including finance options, trade-in prices for your existing vehicle or ask about getting a Mercedes Benz on finance directly or through the dealer's partner.

Some dealers may be willing to include the shipping cost in the overall cost of finance or lease, whereas others may require you to pay the shipping cost in addition to your first payment. With a wider choice of dealers to buy from, the cost per month on both lease agreements and for financing a Mercedes Benz or other model is lower when you buy or lease through Rodo.

Can I Buy or Lease More than One Vehicle?

Yes. When you buy or lease with Rodo, you still deal directly with the official dealership. The process is no different to dealing directly with the sales person on the showroom floor. It's not unusual to get terrific deals at a lower cost per month by combining sales, such as a couple renewing their cars at the same time, or businesses leasing a fleet of Mercedes models for area managers in need of a reliable vehicle.

What is the Largest Mercedes?

The largest passenger carrying van is the Mercedes Metris Passenger that can seat 8-people. The Mercedes Metris Cargo van is the more traditional 2-seater van, but has a higher payload of 2,502 lbs. For cargo capacity only, the Mercedes Sprinter Cargo 2500 can manage a payload up to 4,354 lbs.

Are Mercedes Benz Vehicles Expensive to Insure?

Insurance premiums are always a factor to consider before you buy or lease a new vehicle because they push your overall per month travel costs upwards. The premiums on a new Mercedes Benz and similar models are based on the individual insuring the vehicle as well as any other named drivers on the policy.

Insurers personalize quotations by factoring for age, location, historic driving records, and other personal factors as well as the overall value of the car. For the lowest cost per month, the Mercedes A-Class is the least expensive model to buy or lease, which should help somewhat to lowering premiums. A Mercedes A 220 base has an MSRP of $32,800 with the All-Wheel model of the Mercedes A 220 4MATIC having a MSRP of $34,800.

If I Choose a Mercedes Benz Lease Deal, What Am I Responsible For?

When leasing a Mercedes, the responsibilities on the lessee will be stipulated in the terms of the written agreement. In general, servicing is always required to be done at an official Mercedes Benz dealership and repairs carried out by the dealership during the terms of your lease. These will differ by the dealer. Before agreeing to lease deals, ask questions to be sure you know what you will be responsible for, in particular, what is considered to be "excess wear and tear" as those can differ by dealership.

What is the Warranty on a New Mercedes Benz?

The factory warranty from Mercedes Benz is longer than most other car manufacturers as it covers the vehicle for the first 4-years, or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. The majority of other factory warranties tend to be 36-months or 36,000 miles. A Mercedes Benz Extended Warranty can be purchased before the factory warranty expires, which can be for one, two, or three years, with a mileage cap of 75,000 or 100,000.

Should you take a Mercedes Benz lease and later decide to buy the car, the dealership may be able to offer Extended Coverage Warranty, rather than the Certified Pre-Owned Limited Mercedes Warranty which would only cover pre-owned Mercedes Benz vehicles for 12-months after purchasing.

Lease deals can give you a low deposit option on a new Mercedes Benz, but if you plan to keep the car past the lease terms, it's best to discuss buyout options early so both parties know what to expect and the costs involved at the end of lease deals on Mercedes vehicles.