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Honda Car Lease

At Rodo, we have the best Honda lease prices and purchase offers along with options to trade in, trade up, get cash or exit your lease early.

We help you compare actual monthly prices, take advantage of competitive lease or financing offers as well as give you the ability to lease or buy your car directly on Rodo then have your new Honda delivered right to your front door.

A number of questions are answered below, and if you need further assistance, you can use our chat function to have your questions answered right away.


What Trims are Available in the Civic Range?

The Civic is among the most reliable compact vehicle on the market. You can lease various trims and body styles including the 4-door hatchback, sedan, or as a 2-door coupe. The Honda Civic LX is the base model with a starting price of $20,000 (est). For the price, you get the brand's reliability but not much else. The Honda Civic Sport is the next trim up that has a 7” touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, 8-speaker sound system, fog lamps, sports pedals, leather shift knob, and steering wheel, decklid spoiler as well as a fold-down armrest in the rear seat.

The Honda Civic EX is an upgrade to the LX model with more safety features including the LaneWatch technology and SiriusXM Satellite Radio. The Honda EX-L trim upgrades the interior to leather-trim seating, an auto-dim rearview mirror, and HomeLink remote system. The Honda Civic Si is sportier and is available as a coupe or sedan, with the sedan body style being more fuel-efficient and having slightly more legroom in the rear. Among the most upgrades on the new Civic Si models are increased “driver-assisted technologies” including Honda’s LaneWatch, automated emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

What Trims are Available in the Accord Range?

The Accord range has the same trim options as the Civic but with the addition of a hybrid car too. The Honda Accord LX trim is the base model of this family sedan that can be likened to handling like a sports model. It has the 7" touchscreen and the features included can be customized, and there’s a 4-speaker audio system. An audio upgrade can be found in the EX-L model that’s the same specs as the LX but with a 10-speaker system with a 450-watt amplifier.

The Honda Accord Hybrid Base trim features everything in the LX model but with a 2-motor hybrid system delivering a higher fuel efficiency of 48 city e-mpg, and 46 highway e-mpg. The Honda Accord Sport trim upgrades the LX transmission from a CVT to either a 10-speed auto transmission or you can choose to have a 6-speed manual transmission. The Sport trim also has more driver features including a 12-way power driver seat with four-way lumbar support, LED fog lights, HondaLink connectivity, SMS text message function, and an 8” touchscreen.

What Trims are Available in the Fit Range?

The Honda Fit LX is the base trim model in the Fit lineup, which is a compact-sized hatchback that offers good fuel economy and with a monthly price that’s manageable for the most budget-conscious shoppers. The base model has a 5” display panel, 15” steel wheels, 4-speaker audio system, and what Honda refers to as Magic Seats as they can be folded down multiple ways to create the most cargo-carrying space for larger items.

All trims come with CVT as standard with some models having the option of a 6-speed manual transmission, except the EX range. The Honda Fit EX trim is the model with advanced Driving-Assist features. The Honda Fit Sport trim has 15” alloy wheels, a 7” touchscreen, foglights, and a leather steering wheel with shift paddles. The Honda Fit EX-L trim is the highest in this range and includes all-leather upholstery, heated front seats, and heated side mirrors.

What Trims are Available in the HR-V Range?

The HR-V is a small crossover SUV offering more interior space than the Fit and with a higher headroom making it more suited to taller drivers/passengers. The Honda HR-V LX has 17” alloy wheels, BlueTooth compatibility, and a 5” display screen but it doesn’t have any of Honda’s Driving-Assist features. The Honda HR-V EX trim includes the power moonroof, heated front seats, and the Honda Sensing technology.

The Honda HR-V Sport trim has wheel-mounted paddle shifters, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay integration, and larger 18” alloy wheels. For a more compact SUV, the Honda CR-V LX has the same features as the HR-V LX in a smaller vehicle.

Do Honda Make Hybrid Sedans?

Yes. The Insight is a 5-seater sedan available in a choice of three trim levels. The LX, EX, and the Touring Insight. The Honda Insight LX is the entry-level hybrid sedan with a MSRP of just under $23,000.

Do Honda Cars Need a Lot of Maintenance?

No. Whether you use Honda leasing deals or buy with financing, there is some general maintenance required, just as there is with any new car. Oil checks, adjusting the air pressure in tires, replacing the air filter, replacing brake pads etc. On a Honda lease, the dealer will require the vehicle to be properly serviced by an authorized dealer to ensure compliance with the manufacturer's warranty.

If you take out Honda finance, you’ll be responsible for ensuring you have the vehicle maintained in line with the warranty to ensure everything remains covered that should be. The warranty on a new Honda car/vehicle is for 36,000 miles or for the first three-years, whichever comes first. Lease offers will tend to be up to 3-years ensuring all mechanical parts including the powertrain are covered by the Honda warranty.

What Model is the Cheapest to Lease?

The Honda Fit base trim will have the lowest monthly costs whether on lease or financing. A lease on a Honda Fit will be the cheapest and you can customize your car with additional features to suit your preferences directly on the Rodo app or website. Leasing and financing a new car will differ by dealer and any upgrades you choose to include with the vehicle.

In all cases, you can choose the best deal and offers from a local dealer right from the Rodo app or website. Honda has offers running frequently across different regions so it is worth comparing the different options by region for financing. Honda Financial Services is the company most dealers use, but if you're financing your own purchase, rather than taking on a lease, you may be able to take advantage of different financing offers from another third-party provider.