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Cadillac Car Lease

Using Rodo to find new Cadillac lease deals or finance offers is the most convenient way to get the latest tech in the newest luxury vehicle at the lowest monthly price possible. Various offers are listed from multiple dealers on Rodo, giving you a range of low monthly price offers for new models at below MSRP cost. You also have the option to trade-in your existing vehicle, exit your lease early, get cash for your car and more. This can further lower the cost of your new car.

Whether you want to buy, find a new Cadillac lease, check finance offers, trade in or trade up... you can find any lease or buying option with Rodo along with the best prices and convenient delivery options.

Should you have any questions, check the FAQs below, or use the in-app chat function to get your questions answered right away.


Do General Motors Own the Cadillac Brand?

Yes. Cadillac is the luxury division of General Motors.

What are the XT Models?

The XT range is the Crossover Touring SUVs. Currently available at local dealer showrooms are the Cadillac XT4 Luxury, the Cadillac XT4 Premium Luxury, the Cadillac XT4 Sport, the Cadillac XT5 Luxury and the high-end Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury. The Cadillac XT4 Luxury is the brand's smallest luxury Crossover SUV and it's this model that will have the most affordable Cadillac leasing prices per month.

What are the CT Models?

The CT in the vehicle names represents the type of vehicle, which in this case is the “car”. CT stands for “Cadillac Touring” and all these vehicles are cars as opposed to the XT range which are all SUVs of different sizes. The CT4 is Cadillac’s entry-level luxury sedan. Available trims include the Cadillac CT4 Luxury, Cadillac CT4 Premium Luxury, the Cadillac CT4 Sport, and the Cadillac CT4 V-Series. The CT5 range is a mid-level sedan and the trims available include the Cadillac CT5 Sport and the Cadillac CT5 Luxury.

What is the Most Affordable Cadillac Lease Option?

The CT4 will have the lowest per month prices on the base trim and can be bought on finance or through lease deals with the dealer listed offer on Rodo. Depending on the quality of the vehicle you have already, you may be able to get a better deal on the trade-in value with a different dealer. Within the Rodo app, or through the website, you can contact any dealer, make an offer, inquire about trade-in values for your existing vehicle and discuss payment plans, including whether they provide the loan through ___ or use another third party finance company.

In some instances, depending on the company, you can find it more cost-effective to arrange your own finance and negotiate the price down for essentially paying upfront.

How Long Does a Lease Run for?

Lease deals are generally for 24 to 36-months, however, leasing a Cadillac may differ as the vehicles are backed by a 4-year manufacturer warranty. Dealers usually make lease offers for their vehicles based on the duration of the warranty period. The warranty is four years or 50,000 miles so you can expect a Cadillac for lease to be on terms of up to four years. It will be likely that servicing will be required every 12,000 miles to ensure the vehicle is serviced throughout its warranty period in line with the manufacturer's recommendations.

If you're interested in a new Cadillac lease, discuss the terms with the dealership. They may be able to change the price per month to include extra mileage or offer the vehicle on different lease terms than advertised.

What Is Super Cruise?

Super Cruise is the exclusive hands-free technology of General Motors. To date, it has only been available within the Cadillac luxury vehicle range with more brands set to have the upgrade made available within the next few years. The Super Cruise technology uses precision LiDAR(Light Detection and Ranging) map data. Each car is equipped with multiple sensors and cameras enabling it to drive semi-autonomously.

Essentially, on highways, the driver can rest their hands on their lap, look straight ahead and let the vehicle take care of the driving. It does have a driver's attention system to ensure attention is on the road ahead and it will also alert the driver to situations where they need to take control of the vehicle, such as at pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings, and stop signs, and stoplights.

Super Cruise is superior to standard cruise control features on other brands because the technology uses precision mapping of controlled-access freeways. The new Cadillac CT4 and CT5 for 2020 will also benefit from the Enhanced Cruise Control which has an auto lane change assist, albeit, driver-assisted as the driver needs to activate the turn signal, then the technology will check various conditions are met before making the maneuver safely.

What is the Fuel Efficiency on New Caddy Vehicles?

The CT4 has a fuel efficiency of 23 city mpg and 34 highway mpg. The CT5 has 23 city and 32 highway, and the CT6 can give up to 18 city or 27 highway mpg. In the SUV range, the XT4 gives up to 24 city or 30 highway mpg, the XT5 can manage up to 21 city or 28 highway mpg and the XT6 can give you up to 18 city or 25 highway. Each model is available on finance or competitive lease terms at

Is it Better to Lease or Buy?

The only difference between buying a car and taking a lease offer is that with a lease, Cadillac dealers retain ownership. You never own the vehicle. Leasing Cadillac vehicles is ideal for those who want the latest tech in the newest luxury vehicle for the lowest possible monthly price. A lease also eliminates the hassle of trying to get the best value in the used car market as once the lease expires, you simply return it to your dealer in exchange for a new car - if you choose to renew.

Information online shows the depreciation value of the CTS (now CT4)in 2018, after one-year, had lost 33.4% market value. With a lease, the dealer needs to endure that type of drop in value when they resell it as a used model.