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Buick Car Lease

Find the best Buick lease deals or purchase options through Rodo. With our car marketplace you can find the the latest range of Buick car models, all below the recommended retail price set by manufacturers. With Rodo you can get the actual monthly cost of your vehicle. Or you can save even more with trade-in, trade-up, get cash offers or exit your lease early options.

The Rodo platform brings together authorized dealerships from across the United States onto one platform, making it easy for car shoppers to compare prices on new cars, specs, upgrades, finance deals and lease options.

Whether your new car is for family use, business use, or if you are looking for a 7-seater All-Wheel drive, you'll find your perfect Buick at Rodo,

We've curated some common questions customers ask and listed them below. Should you need further assistance to better understand the different Buick lease and finance options available at Rodo, simply use our chat feature to get your questions answered by our support team right away.


Which Buick Models can be Flat-Towed Behind a Motorhome?

For tourers looking for a lightweight vehicle they can tow four-down behind a motorhome(dinghy towing) without requiring a tow dolly, there are a few Buick models that have a different transmission design that allows the vehicles to be flat-towed in FWD and AWD configurations. Some options include the Enclave Preferred 1SD, Buick Enclave Essence 1SL, the Buick Enclave Avenir 1SP, Buick Envision Preferred 1SD, Buick Envision 1SL, and the Buick Envision Premium 1SN.

The transmission designs differ by year, but you'll find a few models from 2017 onward of the Envision and Encore lineup can be flat-towed. If you have special requirements for any Buick model, you can use the in-app chat function on the Rodo app for more information.

Can a Buick Tow a Boat?

The 2019 Enclave has a towing capacity of 1,500 lbs, however, there is a trailering package available that can increase the tow load capacity from 1,500 lbs to 5,000 lbs, which can be suited to towing a small boat or trailer.

Why is There a Larger Number of Buick Encore GX Cars?

Buick made a big design change to their stateside vehicles in 2020. In 2019, nearly 90% of the models were crossovers. Crossover Utility Vehicles(CUV) are more compact than SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles), have a shorter length and wheelbase, and generally have more luxurious interiors than SUVs. As a result, CUVs offer better fuel efficiency, but the trade-off is they don't have as good off-road capabilities. If you want a new sub SUV car, the Buick Encore GX range from 2020 may be ideal.

Is the Price I see the Actual Price I Will Pay?

Rodo has a wide range of offers for both lease sales and finance options with a price below retail. Delivery is direct to your door from the dealer you choose to buy from. Should you want minimal delivery costs, search by radius to find a local Buick dealership near your location. Retail delivery charges will be higher for dealerships farther away from your location. The best retail delivery prices are often from the most local dealer.

The list price is only a base price and you can use the Rodo app to make an offerto a dealer direct. The final price is agreed between you and the dealership, either for a lease or on finance terms. Depending on the dealership, availability for finance or lease terms may be managed directly or by a third party finance company.

What is a Purchase Allowance and Do Buick Dealerships Offer These?

A Purchase Allowance is a financial incentive to give customers either a straight-up discount, a rebate, or other cash incentives towards the price of the vehicle. Offers vary by dealership. The availability of these rebates are decided by the car manufacturer, and available at select dealerships with variances by region. The cash allowance for select Buick models can be up to $2,500, sometimes more. For customers trading in an old vehicle and financing a new Buick rather than choosing a lease, some dealerships can help arrange auto finance by using the Purchase Allowance from the vehicle manufacturer to cover negative equity in addition to dealer fees.

This can help to get their customers approved for finance. Whether you're considering trading in for a finance deal or taking out a lease, you can find a range of local dealers near you on with transparent details about which dealers are offering Purchase Allowances, helping you to compare the overall cost of ownership between different vendors.

What are the Load Limitations of Different Buick Models?

For organizations such as churches, non-profit youth clubs, and for businesses requiring a lease intended for a vehicle that will be hauling around more weight than usual, the load capacity of the vehicle will have a bearing on its suitability. As a guideline on load weights, the 2020 Encore has a load capacity of 1,026 lbs, the Buick Envision 1,318 lbs, and the highest is the 7-seater Enclave which can haul 1,801 lbs.

For those looking to lease a larger sized family SUV, the 2020 Encore could accommodate two adults of average weight (137 pounds) and 5-under 16's of average weight (123.5 pounds) and still have 909.5 pounds to spare, making it ideal to use as a family minivan to take on camping trips. Load it up with a couple of suitcases per person, a camping grill, family-sized tent, foldaway seating and enough groceries to last the weekend away at a campsite.

What Model has the Most Space?

The Encore has 18.8 ft³ storage space with the rear seats in use. With the rear seats removed, the capacity is 48.4 ft³.

Does Buick Have Sports Models available for Lease?

Yes! There are two luxury cars in the sports categories that are popular for a business lease choice. Those are the Buick Encore Sport Touring 1SH and the Buick Regal Sportback Preferred 1SB. The Buick Envision Premium II 1SP is a popular choice too.