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Acura Car Lease

Acura has a range of luxury SUVs and executive sedans available with low down payment lease options as well as flexible finance packages. All dealerships can accept trade-in vehicles, helping to lower the monthly payment costs of either an Acura lease or finance plan. Acura financing deals may be offered directly or provided by a third-party lending platform. All the details on financing and lease deals can be found on the car listing page on the Rodo app or website.

With Rodo, you can view the entire range of Acura models found in showrooms across the United States all in one online marketplace, make an offer to dealers nearby and get your lease or finance car at the best possible price. You can also choose to Trade-In, exit your existing lease, or get cash for your existing vehicle. We can arrange custom finance or leasing options through Acura Financial Services or 3rd party partnerships.


What are the Differences Between the ILX Trims?

The Acura ILX Base model is the entry-level car that comes packed with features and technology, with each additional package building on what’s already provided. The standard package on the Acura ILX model has a variety of safety features integrated including adaptive cruise control, collision warning system, lane keep assist, and collision mitigation braking system. In terms of Technology, the base package has Bluetooth and HandsFreeLink Wireless Telephone Interface.

The next available upgrade is Acura ILX w/Premium which is a technology upgrade to include: Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto integration. The wheels are a Gray Metallic on the Premium model, whereas the base model has silver wheels. Both are noise-reducing. The Acura ILX w/Tech edition includes Song By Voice®, the AcuraLink Real-Time Traffic with Street and Freeway conditions technology, and the Navigation System with 3D View. The Acura ILX w/Premium A-Spec edition is a sportier upgrade comprising 18” black wheels, dark chrome accents, stainless steel sport pedals, decklid spoiler, and a rear diffuser.

All are available on Rodo through a affordable lease or finance payment plans.

What is the Difference Between the TLX Trims?

The Acura TLX is a luxury subcompact executive sedan with a sporty interior and exterior. The lowest MSRP Acura TLX has an Inline-4 cylinder engine and has the Precision All-Wheel Steer technology that adjusts the wheel angles to suit tight terrain. A more powerful V6 engine is available on the Acura TLX SH-AWD V6. SH stands for Super Handling and the AWD is the All-Wheel Drive. By altering the wheel angles, steering can be tightened or loosened.

The Acura TLX V6 w/Tech has a 10-speaker audio system whereas the base package is a 7-speaker system. The Tech trim also includes a 12-way power seat, Song By Voice technology, Navigation System with real-time street and freeway conditions, and the traffic rerouting technology. There are also front and rear parking sensors and a rear cross-traffic monitor. The Acura A-Spec package is modified for sportiness to include: 19-inches, 5-spoke wheels, LED foglights, a decklid spoiler, dual exhaust outlets, and modified bumpers for a sportier exterior.

The Acura TLX V6 w/Tech w/A-SPEC is the brand's technology trim with A-Spec modification using a V6 engine, whereas the Acura TLX w/Tech w/A-SPEC has the Inline-4 cylinder engine. Each model can found on Rodo on a lease or with affordable payment plans on finance.

What are the Available RDX Trims?

The RDX is a luxury crossover SUV and there are a few packages available that build on the RDX Base. The Acura RDX w/Tech upgrades the technology within the vehicle to include voice recognition and GPS linked climate control. The audio system is also given a boost from a 9-speaker audio system in the base package to a 12-speaker audio system in the tech trim. The RDX SH-AWD is the Super Handling - All-Wheel Drive version and is available on either the base package or with the technology upgrade. All RDX trims are available for lease with a low down payment or on finance.

Is the MDX the Same as the RDX with More Seats?

No! The Acura MDX Base is slightly longer and wider as it has a third row of seating but they have different engines. The RDX uses a 2L turbocharged I4 engine, whereas the MDX has a 3.5L V6 engine. The only similarity between RDX and the MDX models are the looks and design features. The MDX has more power and is designed to be a luxury 7-seater SUV rather than a compact crossover SUV.

Do All Acuras Still Use a Dual Screen Infotainment System?

No. Since 2019, the Infotainment in the new RDX range use a 10.2" True Touchpad Interface that's dashboard-mounted. Previously models have historically had dual screens. The top screen is usually visual only with the bottom screen having the controllable menus. This changed in the new Acura RDX range in 2019.

Do All Showrooms Offer Acura Finance or Lease Offers?

Yes! All car models listed on Rodo are listed by Authorized dealerships. Offers differ by region and the type of car on offer. You can find all the newest models of luxury SUVs, executive sedans, and compact-sized SUVs on with various options for purchase or lease. Details differ by dealer and you can discuss all purchasing options with each Acura dealer individually to find the best offers on a new Acura vehicle from a dealer near you.

When are Payments Due and Who To?

All payments and financial transactions are done by the dealer. All offers are subject to the dealership and may be through Acura Financial Services or another third party financial services company. Payment terms for a new Acura car or SUV can be discussed with the Acura Dealer through the Rodo app or website.

Is it Better to Buy or Lease?

This depends on whether you want to own your car eventually. If you lease a vehicle, it's only loaned to you for a specified length of time, usually 36-months. At the end of the lease, most dealers can offer to extend it, sell you the vehicle, or upgrade you to a new vehicle with a renewed lease. The advantage of a car lease is the customer gets a new vehicle every three years for a fixed price and you don't have to worry about negative equity affecting the trade-in value.