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We'll find you a great rate tailored to you, and take care of all the logistics.

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Is your lease up? Stay in the same car!

We'll find you a fantastic rate tailored to you, send you the paperwork overnight, take care of all the logistics.

Save time and money!

Don't spend your day in the dealership just to keep driving your car. Let Rodo help you buyout your lease in a fraction of the time AND at a great price.

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  • Tell us about your carJust tell us your VIN, mileage, lender and payoff amount to get started.
  • We'll find you the most attractive rateWe'll review lenders and terms which are best for you.
  • Finalize your new loanWe'll confirm your credit score, finalize the terms and get you approved.
  • We'll send you the documentsWe'll send you all the paperwork.
  • Keep driving!We'll issue a temporary plate allowing you to stay behind the wheel of your car!