How Rodo works
Say goodbye to endless visits to the dealership
Buy a new car or sell your old one from the comfort of your own sofa. How does it work? See below...

Buying on Rodo

Complete your order
  • Place an order

    Choose how you want to complete your order: do it all yourself online or have one of our Rodo Concierge specialists assist you through every step.

  • Upload your documents

    Securely upload your driver’s license to verify your identity for your new lease or finance deal. Depending on your unique order details, we may ask you to confirm some additional details.

  • Additional protection products

    We offer flexible packages that are packed with value and flexibility, which will give you peace of mind when you’re out on the road. You can purchase an additional protection package before you place an order, during order processing, or up to 30 days after your car is delivered.

  • Schedule for delivery or pickup

    Tell us your preferred time and date and we’ll make sure your new car is ready and waiting for you. Pick up at one of our dealer partners or have it safely delivered straight to your home with our contact-free service.

  • Enjoy your new wheels

    We hope you’ll become another one of the thousands of happy customers who’ve bought their new car through Rodo!

Selling to Rodo

Get a competitive quote
  • Tell us a little about your car

    All you need is your vehicle identification number (VIN) to get started, along with some basic information regarding the condition of your car. Not sure where to find your VIN? Easy, the most common locations are; in the front of the engine block, under the hood of the car, driver's side interior dashboard, or the driver's door jamb after the door is opened.

  • Sell your existing car to Rodo

    We would love to buy your car and offer a competitive price you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Sell your existing car lease to Rodo

    Are you in an existing lease, but would like assistance in getting out of it? No problem, we can help you with this, and may also get your excess mileage, lease-end wear/tear, and disposition fees waived.

Finalize the deal
  • Verify your information

    After receiving your quote, simply upload a few photos of your car so we can confirm the valuation of our offer. We’ll then finalize your order with your key documents which include; your driver’s license, vehicle registration, bill of sale, and title.

  • Arrange for pickup

    Tell us your preferred time and date and we’ll arrange to come and safely collect your car from your home.

Get paid in no time
  • We’ll cut you a check

    We will provide you with a check for the agreed upon amount during the pickup of your vehicle.